Homeland Docker

Homeland builit on Docker for automated deploy.

System requirements


Install Docker:

This script was made for Ubuntu Server 14.04, If you use other system version, please read Docker Installaction.

curl -sSL https://git.io/install-docker | bash

Run Docker commands without sudo

1. Add the docker group if it doesn't already exist
$ sudo groupadd docker
2. Add the connected user $USER to the docker group

Optionally change the username to match your preferred user.

$ sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
3. Restart the docker daemon
$ sudo service docker restart

If you are on Ubuntu 14.04-15.10, use docker.io instead:

$ sudo service docker.io restart

### Test Docker

docker info
docker-compose version

Get homeland-docker

git clone https://github.com/ruby-china/homeland-docker.git
cd homeland-docker/

Application configuration

Homeland use app.local.env file to config, there have an example in app.default.env. You must read the Configuration and customize the config variables with your application.

Required settings

Please edit app.local.env file:

# For auto SSL get cert
# default: [email protected], when you use this email register a user, you will get the admin role.
# Or you can change it as your email.
[email protected]


make install


make start

Now, you can visit https://your-host.com


Command Desc
make install For first install, create database
make update Update docker image and restart application for update
make start Startup application
make stop Stop application containers (except Database, Redis)
make restart Restart application
make status Show container status
make console Enter the Rails console
make stop-all Stop all services (including Databse, Redis)
make reindex Rebuild Search indexes